Knoxville Aikido Dojo was founded by Sensei Tom Moore, third dan. Moore Sensei studied with Gaku Homma of Denver Aikido Nippon Kan, who received his training under with Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido.

Knoxville Aikido Dojo chooses to remain an independent non-profit dojo in the spirit of our Knoxville founder’s wishes.  All money that comes in from dues is spent to pay the dojo’s bills.  None of the instructors are paid for their time teaching as it is part of our mandate to further ourselves and those around us.  The dojo teaches traditional Aikido, and students are free to visit other schools and to attend seminars to learn more about other group’s styles.

Students choose to learn as much or as little as they wish about the cultural and spiritual roots of Aikido. Some students choose to learn only the physical technique and others want to learn more about its background and philosophy. All are encouraged to do what they feel comfortable with.

Knoxville Aikido Dojo Instructors

Chief Instructor, Jerry Tracy has studied martial arts since 1980.  Beginning his studies in Shotokan Karate, and earning his Sandan (Third degree), he began studying Aikido in 1987.  He as since earned his Sandan in Aikido.  In 1994 he also began studying Hakko-ryu Ju Jutsu and has earned his Nidan (Second degree).  His teaching career spans 26 years including Chief Instructor at the UT Karate Club, from 1987 to 1988.  He has been Chief Instructor at Knoxville Aikido Dojo since 1993.

Chief Instructor, Andy Welshan is a Sandan in Aikido.  He has studied Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu.  He is also a Sandan in Ishinryu Karate where he is also an assistant instructor. 

Jeff Macklin is the dojo’s primary sword instructor teaching Satori Ryu Iaido.  He holds Nidans’ (Second degree) in both Aikido and Satori Ryu Iaido.  He is also a Shodan (First degree) in Ishinryu Karate.

Sam Davis is an instructor in Aikido holding a Nidan.  He has been a student in Satori Ryu Iaido since 2008.